Fixtures at the Store

As of February 12, 2008.

These fixtures are available at the store (Park Street Antiques, 1519 Park Street, Alameda CA 94501; 510-523-0895). I bring as many as I can to Alameda's Antiques by the Bay show; the next show is the first Sunday in August and I expect to be in space L 26.

I am happy to sell these fixtures directly and can ship them. I only charge exact shipping - no handling fees.

You can contact me at the store, through eBay, or by email : a n n e l i (at) chutzpah (dot) org

I always check wiring on the fixtures I sell. If the wiring is recent and appropriate, I keep it, but usually I rewire the entire fixture using new, high-quality wire. I use "cloth-covered" wire in all the places where the wiring will show; this wire has either rayon or cotton thread wound over the insulation to give a beautiful vintage look. These fixtures are ready to install - always complete with ceiling caps and crossbars. If you need a chain-hung fixture to be longer or shorter, I will modify it at no charge.

Please remember that these are antique, vintage fixtures. They are NOT new. The glass might have wear marks or small "fleabite"chips at the fitters or open ends; paint is not perfect. These are quick-and-dirty pictures; I can provide more details on request. I try to be honest, forthright, and accomodating. My eBay ID is "annemey".

I have divided the fixtures into these categories:

Pan Fixtures

2 Arm Pan Fixture

Cute small 2 arm pan fixture, rewired.
two arm pan light fixture

Pair of Matching 2-bulb Pan Fixtures

Solid brass matching 2 light fixtures, rewired. The decorative sleeves on the bulb sockets can pop off and then a UNO fitter screws on; the UNO fitters (available at $3.50 each) can then hold a 2 1/4" shade.

pair brass fixtures

Candle Chandeliers

5 Arm Nickel with Prisms

Beautiful nickel-plated 5 arm candle chandelier with prisms and smooth ball finial, new wiring, vintage candle covers. Takes regular bulbs.  $150.00.

nickel 5 arm fixture

Victorian 5 Candle Chandelier

Victorian-style 5 candle chandelier, paint retouched. Bronze/copper tones. New sockets and wiring, takes standard-sized bulbs, $125.00.

5 candle victorian fixture

Spanish Brass Chandeliers

I have some Spanish Brass chandeliers on their way - thesea re being refurbished; I hafve pictures of them in their un-restored state. When complete these will be dressed with crystals, checked and re-wired, with new candle covers and dressed in a complete set of prisms.

8 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier "Waterfall"

I think of this as a "waterfall" because of the effect of the top decorations - and this is missing one. I've found replacements, so this will soon be available for $250.00.

8 arm Spanish Brass chandelier

8 arm Spanish Brass chandelier

8 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier with "Pineapple" Center

Here's another Spanish Brass chandelier. It's pictured sitting on a chair, which does not show it in its best light (so to speak). It has a desirable "pineapple' shaped center and long decorative arms. It will be beautiful when the oxidation is removed, and it's polished, and has its gleaming crystals... for $200.00.

8 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier

8 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier, picture 2

4 light "Birdcage" Petite Chandelier

I also have a 4 arm petite chandelier in the form of a bird cage, and it needs very littel to be ready. It was put together with steel screws, and left in a damp location, so some of the brass was stained with rust. Re-wired anddressed with prisms, complete with ceiling cap, this will be $199.00. (Again, this is pictured sitting. The top arms were damaged and will be replaced.)

4 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier birdcage pic 1

4 arm Spanish Brass Chandelier petitel #2

5 arm Virden Cast Iron chandelier

This is a beautiful piece. Luckily, Rejuvenation ( has replicated a fixture very similar to this one, and they generously allowed me to buy the replacement bits and pieces to restore this light. The supplied (in brass) one candle cup and the top decorative piece. Completely rewired. Has a motif that some people see as coyotes, dogs, snakes, or some mustical animal. (I do have matching sconces and possibly a single light hall/foyer light, pending.)

Virden cast shandelier with animal head motif

Cup Shade Fixtures

Cup shade fixtures have cup-shaped shades that sit in a holder - there are no screws to hold the shades in place; gravity and the presence of a light bulb hold the shades. These were popular in the 20s and 30s. Usually the shades have a base (or neck) of  1 7/8 inches. I collect these shades and try to put together matching sets, as they are often found in sets of four (because one of the five broke). Whenever I have an additional shade I include it with the fixture so that, if you lose one, you have a replacement! Many are "custard" glass, like milk glass but more warmly colored; these were often made in Czechloslovakia. Most - but not all- cup shades are interchangable. Some of the fitters are fussy about the depth of the neck of the shade.

You can usually use regular light bulbs with these, though with some of the shorter shades, you might prefer a short bulb.

Rejuvenation ( sells replacement cup shades for $25.00 to $28.00. You can also find them through Antique Lamp Supply,, such as number 08562.

5 Arm Custard Center

5 arm custard glass center stem fixture, brass toned,  and 5 matching custard glass shades. New wiring. New bottom turn switch has 4 settings:  2 on,  3 on, all 5 on, or all off- nice for mood lighting. $175.00.

Custard glass stem fixture

NOTE: the above pictured shades are no longer available, but I have swaped them with another set of custard colored shades. I still have 4 of the above-pictured shades...

5 Arm Brass/Chrome/Glass Cup Shade Fixture

5 arm cup shade fixture, chrome and brass with pretty glass stem. Includes 1 extra shade. Shades look like milk or custard glass but actually have an applied enamel-like finish. New wiring. $175.00

3 arm Opalescent Cup Shade Fixture

This beauty, with original paint (somewhat chipped but very nice) boasts beautiful opalescent shades that show a beautiful "fire" when lit. The shades nicely echo the lines of the fixture with their scalloped edging.

3 arm cup shade fixture, opalescent set-in shades

3 arm and 5 arm Monax Petalware Cup Shade Fixtures

I've coveted these for a long time! You can now have a dining room fixture whose shades match your Monax Petalware plates!

I have a 5 shade and 3 shade fixture available. Pictures coming....

3 arm Cup Shade Fixture

This is a lovely 3 shade fixture, with clean and simple lines. The stem boasts a clear glass accent. Rewired and ready to go.

3 arm cup shades, glass ball on center

Bowl Shade Fixtures

Bowl shades are shaped like bowls with a small notch in one side. The fixtures often have metal arms to hold the bowls. Somtimes there is a bump on the outside of the glass bowl, under the notch. Some bowl shades are interchangable but most are not. I do have a small collection of bowl shades.

-None currently available-

Slip Shade Fixtures

Slip shades, or  slipper shades, are a very special category and are NOT interchangable - and some look very similar. I am always glad to help people find replacements but it can be a long process! I do have a large personal inventory of single slip shades as well.

-None currently available -

***Wait! Wait! In my inventory I have the following***

-1 lincoln "Fleurette" complete with center bowl, $1000.00, in the store now; also available, the candle companion version
Lincoln Fleurette 6 shade fixture
-1 Markel Chevron 6 light with small central bowl, $650.00, clear/satin shades
-1 Markel Chevron 3 light with amber carnival shades ( 1 shade has cehmical damage to the paint) - $350.00
- 1 six shade Streamline Moderne fixture, looks like this (but refurbished), $550.00

deco streamline moderne slip shade 6 shade fixture

1 5-shade Austrailian import with shades shaped very much like the Markel Chevrons, $550.00
1 5-shade Austrailian import with very masculine streamline shades, riser replaced, $550.00
1 7-light/6 shade Batwing classic, $850.00
1 Amber Rose (of the Diamond/Rose line), 5 amber shades, $600.00 (repaired frame)

Plus many, many more!

Deco Fixtures

Aluminum and Mica 6 light Fixture

Five arm bare-bulb fixture with sixth central light bulb and silver mica panels. Bottom turn switch turns on center only, arms only, all on, and all off. Rewired.   The Centaurus bulbs shown with the fixture are available for $4.00 each in 40 and 60 watts, in the store or by mail-order.
Aluminum and mica nouveau light fixture

Nouveau/Deco Bare-Bulb Fixture

Four arm bare-bulb fixture. Interesting gothic touches to the bulb holders. Tassel finial. Rewired, but not by me, with modern wire; black paint is chippy.  $70.00.

The Centaurus bulbs shown are available for $4.00 each in 40 and 60 watts, in the store or by mail-order.

bare bulb fixture

Candle Fixture with Pink Glass Discs

This is a great Decofixture - and the awesome folks at Decorum, San Francisco, have sconces that match this, and are much more awesome than this. Still - this is a great 3 candle fixture.

(Picture on its way....)

Single Light (Hall or Foyer) Fixtures

Stained Glass Pendant

Single bulb pendant, stained glass (amber glass) and small flower accents. New wiring, replacement chain. $75.00.
stained glass fixture

I have a matching pair of purple stained glass fixtures as well.

Miscellaneous Fixtures

Lovely Victorian Fixture

Victorian parlor fixture, electric, with hand-painted shade. Single bulb. Nice old brass fittings and solid brass chain, new wiring. victorian parlor fixture

Bead Chain Fixtures

All fixtures come complete with new wiring, mounting bracket and hardware, and 1 set of 3 6" brass bead chains. Bead chains are available in nickel plated finish, or polished and lacquered brass. For a set of bead chains, please order through eBay, item 220068175494.

Some of these fixtures are vintage flushmount single-bulb fixtures which I have adapted for holding the bead chains, either with keyhole-shaped slots or with longer cut slots.

Currently available:

-New holders in Nickel ($44.99) or Brass ($39.99), new wiring and porcelain socket. Each comes complete with crossbar, chains, and lock-up balls.

nickel new holder

Brass holder

-Brass tone stamped steel fixture (on left), $35.00.
-Chrome fixture (on right), $29.99. The chrome is slightly pitted.

More pictures of the same fixtures:

The porcelain sockets in the above fixtures can take a 100 watt bulb

-Brass fixture, limited to 75 watts, $19.99. Was eBay 220035333278; I have one more of these. These are New Old Stock.

Many shades available for $25.00. Most are vintage; some are new. Here are a few examples:

Deco bead chain light example

shade example

dark floral bowl shade